Saturday, October 1, 2011

Au Natural Avec le Chop #10

Well, today makes it a year and 5 months since I last permed my hair. I am still amazed that I have made it this far! Who would have thought Raven, the girl who has had perms regularly since before she could even do multiplication or write legibly would ever have a fro growing out of her head?

I wouldn't. Sure I like my hair now. It's growing on me... Literally... And yes, it is a lot of work. A LOT of work. But I guess it works out for me since I am a perfectionist and I make time to tackle my nappy bits. Even if it means I wake up at the middle of the night to wash and detangle it.
(That's what I did last night!)

Now that it has been well over a year and my permed ends we getting quite loco en mi cabeza, I decided to eliminate them. Weekly, monthly, daily, hourly. I took matters into my own hands and started chopping away! BWAHAHAHAHA! Now my head is about.... 75% natural, I would say.... I'm not sure. I've just been cuttin' what I'm seein'. I now it's probably jacking up my hair shape/style/how-it-will-fall-when-I-straighten-it, but hey! I guess this will give me more incentive to NOT straighten my hair! (And haven't since August 2010). I don't even know when my flat iron or blow dryer are anymore... But hey! You gotta do what you gotta do to reach a goal. And mine is to be 100% natural by October 21 (MY BIRTHDAY!!) without spending $80 at a salon. I don't trust hair technicians... They always do hair styles I HATE. That's why I haven't been to one since I graduated high school (May 21, 2008).

Well, to end this nappy blog, I shall conclude with photos!
Before I started cutting my permed ends. Look how long they were! I had 1 string of permed hair reach well past my shoulder blade.

Thumbs up for AFRICA!


Fro-ing it out with Mi-mi. 

Le fro. 

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