Saturday, December 12, 2009

My 2010 Goals

So, 2010 is just around the corner and I believe I need to set some goals in my life to keep me inspired and on track. So, here we go!:
#1) Be happy despite the many down falls, many events of bad luck (which seems to follow me like a stalker), and financial burdens. I'm still alive, right? Why not be happy about that?

#2) Save up $2000. Why you ask?
-To buy myself a Mac since my laptop is deteriorating slowly after only 1 year =[
-Have something to fall back on to... for once...
This is probably highly unlikely because every time I save a little over $100, some kind of financial crap comes up. New tires, car jacks up & I need another new car battery (Ive already gotten 2 and my car is barely 3 years old), another bill to pay, medical expenses, etc...

#3) Be healthy. In shape. And possibly loose the extra 5 pounds I gained this year from the stress from school and work and the extra carbohydrate intake I've had in order to give my body a boost of energy for the lack of sleep I obtained. -__-

#4) Sleep more. End of story.

#5) Buy a new camera before Mia's first birthday. I know I said I wanted to get one before Mia's first Christmas, BUT I found out I need to buy new car tires AND my pockets seem pretty light. So this Christmas won't be so cheerful and I don't want to remember it. Or for her to realize that she only got 3 gifts for her first Christmas... Next year will hopefully be better.

#6) Be financially stable. Do I need to say more?

#7) Pay off my HUGE credit card debt. I don't even know how much I owe anymore. I just pay what I can every time I get money now. @___@

#8) Be a good mom despite the fact that I'm rarely at home.

#9) Be a good student and get more scholarships. I don't need more debt in my life...

#10) Take Mia and myself on a well deserved vacation somewhere far, far away from here. Dominican Republic? Thailand? Croatia? Greece?

#11) Find a way to help others. I was thinking of becoming a mentor for young girls who need someone in their lives to inspire them or volunteer in Laos to teach children how to read and speak English. I'm already learning the alphabet & doing quite well. Let's see how this goes...

#12) Learn and teach Mia how to read and speak Laotian. Seems pretty simple now from the beginners junk I've learned...

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