Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Supportive Partners

They say most single mothers wish for a supportive partner.
Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia
This is Farrah from Teen Mom on MTV. She is a single mother also. Her mother pretty much is her daughter's second mother, and she is juggling a job, school and a baby. On the finale show, she tells Dr. Drew she doesn't believe she will find a supportive partner. I agree with her...

I don't believe there is anyone out there who will truly be there for myself, as well as a male role model for Mia. Dr. Drew said, "I'm sure you will find the right guy" and Farrah responds saying, "I have a lot of guys... that waste my time." It was like I was on the in the TV because I was thinking the same thing.
Since I've been single, 7 months ago, I have yet to meet one guy who is mature enough to put emotional needs over physical, or see me not as some kind of object, but as a person. On top of that, they always say, "I want to hang out with you and your daughter" after I say, "I'm not interested in you." They think getting in good with Mia will give them a chance with me. That's a trip...
OH! And my favorite story:
A guy I know asks me to be his girlfriend for the past 3 months, repetitively. I continue to tell him I want to focus on my school work, work and Mia right now and not a boyfriend, repetitively. Finally, I guess it clicks and he says, "I can help you with your daughter." I say no. He says, "I understand she comes first in your eyes, and if I was your man, she would come first in my eyes too." I told him he was lying. Why you ask? Because if he cared that much about her, he wouldn't have just found out what her name was a week ago. He would have known it a long time ago. Maybe... 3 months ago when he started getting in my face... Now he's trying to "get to know me" after 3 months have passed. It's a little too late now. If he really wanted me for me, he would have started with, "What are you going to school for?" instead of "You have a nice body."

It's kind of sad that I believe this, but I really, truly, deeply do not think anyone wants me for who I am. They see a decent face and run to it. That's all. It makes me sick just hearing the same crap over and over again. Different faces with the same intentions and same lingo claiming they aren't like the other guys.

As a result, I have cut the male species out of my life completely. I barely want to be friends with some. Its the best thing I can do in order to be a good mother for Mia and a good student. A boyfriend would just blow up my phone and take away my spare time. Time needed for Mia. Yes, this is harsh. Yes, I would still like a supportive partner, but do you guys really think a 19-24 year old single man is really thinking about being a supportive partner and possible male role model for one's child, or trying to be a playboy? I think playboy.

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