Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Dream Partner

Every person has a dream husband, wife, prince charming, damsel in distress, or as I like to call it, my dream partner! Solely because I don't like the word "husband". Has too much baggage & seen as a superior being in the household in Western thought. Partner has a more equal connotation.
Anyway! Here is how he would be like all mixed into one person (Using celebrity personalities, talents and looks):
Bruno Mars. Sure, he's not much of a looker but boy can sing! He's so talented! I love talent! I love him! (See the correlation?) A guy who can write a song for you AND sing it beautifully is just lovely. Go youtube or iTune some of his songs. =D
Hayden Christensen. Isn't he just adorable! Who wouldn't want to wake up to that everyday! Awww! Like a newborn baby gone through puberty. ^_^
Um...If you've seen Takers, you might know why I would like him to be like Idris Elba... That's all I'm going to say... Plus, who doesn't like British-y accents?!
Chris Brown's violence. NOT ON ME THOUGH! I just wanna know he can kick some boo-tay when needed. Just never mine. Plus, I want someone close in age!
Waka Flocka Flame. Now you're probably wondering, "Raven, why this thugnificent dude?" Well, I would like to have partner who is fairly into gangsta rap. I do have a fairly black side you know! Can't be bumpin' to Britney Spears and Whitney Houston every day!
Anthony Bourdain's love of travel. I like the world; you should too. Let's go explore it together!
Patrick Star's stupidity. Can't have a guy who's too smart. That would be no fun! But not THAT stupid... Just a little dumber than me. =]
Travie McCoy's awkwardy goodness and hair... Before it went bye-bye. I like hair. I like big hair! I like weird people. They keep it entertaining. Put both together & you are rockin' it!
Sure, it's highly unlikely, but a guy who is like the Buddha would be great. Enlightened, wise, compassionate, willing to help others. Ahh... All into one.
If there was anyone as great as my BFFs, I would never let him go. They're already the best boyfriends anyway. Learn from them! Enough said.
Hayley Williams from Paramore. Yeah... I just threw her in here because I keep having dreams that we are lovers so there must be something about her I like.... Or at least in my dreams I do.

Tis all.
Until next time....

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