Monday, March 16, 2009

Postpartum Visit

So I wen to my postpartum appointment yesterday. gosh. its been 6 weeks since I had my baby?! it feels like yesterday I was pushing her big head out & getting ripped in half... *sigh* the memories...
Anyway! I went yesterday hoping would be all well. my stitches have healed just fine, my uterus is no longer the size of a watermelon & new birth control! woo-hoo! cuz everyone knows I DO NOT want another little one for another 15 years. my 1st experience was too damn painful & I'm good with pain, but that was nearly unbearable.

I make it into the office, check my weight (still gotta loose another 6 pounds or so) & my blood pressure (a healthy 120/70). go to the examining room, undress & wait. my wonderful doctor comes in & checks my va-jay-jay. I'm convinced it looks like a freakin train wreck: falling apart on 1 side, a huge open cave & some pieces have gone M.I.A.
Surprisingly, she says everything is good & healed very nicely. EXCEPT there was a part where the scab had fallen off & there was bare flesh there. :[
so she checked everything 1st. then told me she was going 2 use silver nitrate sticks to burn off the exposing flesh so it can scab over & fall off. well, it sure did burn! I thought my vagina was on fire! and it kept burnin'. she said it would last 10 minutes. tell me why I took a nap, woke up at about 2:15pm & it still hurt?! 10 minutes my ass..

other than that, I'm on a new birth control. I would have gone with removing my reproductive organs entirely but NO! my mom wouldn't let me do that -_-
so now I gotta go back next week 2 check on the healing & such of my, what felts like, a 4th degree burn. like I already didn't have a traumatic labor already... then I had to set my va-jay-jay on fire
But atleast everything healed "nicely" b/c I never thought I would have healed after all that pushing & ripping...

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