Monday, March 9, 2009

My Crazy Labor Experience

So, I never thought my labor would be so crazy। I always thought I'd wake up at 3am with a few contractions, rush to the hospital, wait about 8 hours and finally push this big girl out with the help of an epidural. Natrual? *psh* Who does that anymore?! Its the 21st century!Yeah... none of that went that way except the 3 am part....

I woke up at exactly 2:45am on January 21, 2009 to take a nightly pee (like usual). I walk to the bathroom and sit on the lovely procelain invention that I see far too many times a day. As I start to pee, suddenly a rush of water pours into the toilet. I sat and thought "I didnt have to pee THAT bad... Oh my gosh! I think my water broke!! But I'm due February 12th? Oh Jesus!" I rush to my mom and tell her I think my water broke, call my doctor and started calling the father, my sisters, my father and my two best friends। Surprisingly, no one answers (it is only 2:50am on a Wednesday)..... One sister went to the inaguration & missed her flight from Wahington DC and had a 6am flight back home. The baby's father sleeps like a freakin rock & wouldnt answer. My friends had just got off work and were probably knocked out too. Everything was kind of calm, no pain, but I was a little worried my boyfriend wouldnt make it to the birth.

So I sat on the bed and the contractions started coming around 3:10am. With amniotic fluid still trickling out, slowly, they started getting stronger and closer. As my mother was going SO SLOWLY to get everything together to go to the hospital. I yelled for my mom to hurry up & what was she doing?? Putting on make-up in the bathroom!!!! I was beyond pissed off and waddled downstairs in horrible pain to go to the car. By now, my mom was running around like a damn fool saying "I thought u weren't having any contractions!" Well, they eventually come, duh!I I almost gave up calling Tyler and called him one more time before I gave up and he picked up! (yay!!) By then, the contractions were hurting like hell!

Riding in the car I was gripping the seat trying to cope with the pain. I finally got to the hospital. And guess what else happened. I Pre-registered to be admitted to the hospital quickly instead of taking forever filling out papers & what not. Tell me why this dumb lady was taking forever to get my the paper work to sign like she didnt see me about to die in the chair?! I should have sat on her desk & let all my water leak on her computer (it was still gushing out) She handed me the papers to sign (FINALLY) and I just wrote an "R-squiggle B-squiggle". I didnt even know what I was signing. They could have gave me a paper that said "You will give us your first born and 75% of your paychecks for the next 80 years" and I signed it!
Finally, after over an HOUR from when my water broke, I made it to the delivery room at about 4:15am. The urge to push was crazy & I thought I was about to push her out in the toilet when I went to pee & put on the gown. I layed on the bed t have my cervix checked & the nurse had to stop herself & said "Either I'm doing this wrong or I think you're fully dialated, honey." SAY WHAT?!

Another nurse checked me and she said "Yeah, you're about 9 and a half centimeters dialated। You need to push, like, now"
So I asked "Can I have an epidrual" She said "No, you're too far dialated, It wouldnt do any help।"

So, I sucked up my disappointment and got ready to push। (Dang it) I pushed, and pushed, and it hurt like hell, and it hurt, and I pushed, and pushed and it hurt more than anything I have ever felt before।
At 5:05am, my little Mia popped out and took her first breath। At that point, I completely forgot about how much it hurt and just looked at how much hair this girl came out with!! Along with how beautiful she was even though she was covered in vernix। Through that CRAZY experience, I have learned that nothing always goes as planned। All of this and it was my first child. All of the nurses and my doctor were amazed at how quickly I dialated that they said I'll have to have a team of doctors waiting for me at my house with my next pregnancy.I said "With how much this one hurt, Im not sure if there will ever be another pregnancy!" (lol)Only about 1 hour 30 minutes of contractions and about 30 minutes of pushing resulted in my beautiful healthy little girl..... and about 20-30 stitches... yeah. A 4th degree perineal laceration.... it hurt... I dont think my vagina will ever be the same.....But I'm happy Mia is here with me even though she put me through hell and back...

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