Friday, March 20, 2009

Fecal Matter...

So, Mia is sitting in her swing for the first time since we got it and I believe she is what they call "knocked out". I decided to put her in it because she was actin' like a straight fool and was scratching my face & neck and spitting out her pacifier. Gosh. The I put on her fave classical CD, Mozart's Greatest Hits, and now she's "knocked out".  =]

But she did a doo-doo earlier and it made me think... How could such foul mess come out of something so small?? Good Buddha! Its so stinky! That's why I think they made that commercial about the Hefty garbage bags just for Mia's stank poops and farts. The one that goes "So don't be 'stinky-stinky-stinky', get 'Hefty-hefty-Hefty'". I swear they made it for her.

I know bowel movements and flatulence is not supposed to smell like the Garden of Eden or anything. If you mix all the food you ate together in 1 day & smelled it, I'm guessing it's not that great. (I wouldn't know. Never tried...) After all, it is digested food particles and gassy-ness, but come on! She eats liquids for Pete's sake! My mom says its because I breast feed her & its whatever I eat. I blame it on the formula!!! I don't trust it, but I still use it so when I go back to school she wont look at whom ever is watching her like, "What the **** is this ****? What you tryna do? Kill me?! You muther ******! Wait til' Mommy gets home. She'll whoop ya *** for this bull **** you call 'milk'. You just wait and see." 
Yeah... she be havin' some mean looks for real! She looks at people so mean that it looks like she's trying to hurt their feelings. (laugh-out-loud) She gets it from me ^_____^ 
I'm so proud. *sniff*

Well, whatever goes on inside baby tummies, it must be some foul mess or something. But hey! I can't complain too much. It's not like she can clean up her bright orange fecal matter by herself yet. Someone has to do it & that's me. Besides! I don't trust people changing her poopy diapers.... I don't think they do it right.... <____<
They aren't as good as SMR. (Super Mommy Raven.)

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