Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buff, Fit & Fierce Raven!

I decided to be healthier this year.

Not as a "New Year's Resolution" because those never follow through, but a New Raven Lifestyle!
So I'm going to be eating healthier snacks & foods. I don't eat fast food all that often anyway, but the snacks in my house need to change! Besides, I never completed my goal of looking better than I did before I had Mia. I got to my "before I had Mia" body. Now time to surpass that! I'm not a fan fruit, to be honest. Well, sweet fruits. Tomatoes, grapes, mangoes, kiwi, strawberries, apples. Zucchini, okra, corn, peppers, etc., are all good to me, and yes, they are all fruit in the biological world. I'm not sure why, but I'll eat the face off of some vegetables! I just want to start eating more healthy snacks & what not.
I'll also start doing yoga before I go to bed & maybe if I wake up early. I loved it when I took it at school, even though I was huge & pregnant & my stomach swept the floor when we did some moves. It was still enjoyable & increases blood flow & flexibility!
(I'll be doing that one day)
On top of that, I think I'll actually start using my school's gym & pool. I pay the money to use the "recreation & health" facilities, why not put it to good use?! Plus, I love swimming now ever since I took the class. I guess its because I know how to look professional now while doing it & learned how to dive. =D
I will also be calculating my calories! Yes! And you can do it too!! At, you can keep record of everything. How long you exercise, how much you eat, what you eat, when you eat, how many calories you should eat daily, how many you've eaten monthly/weekly, how much weight you lost, and healthy recipes to try. It's nice. Give it a try!
Since I'm taking ballet at school, that will help sculpt my body back into the lean (yet extremely muscular), dancer bod I used to have. Plus I love dancing (jazz, contemporary, modern, anything but hip hop because I'm not black) & always wanted to learn ballet. Maybe I can actually try out for So You Think You Can Dance or that new Paula Abdul show & marry a cute dancer boy! (In my dreams) The only thing I'm not looking forward to is getting my booty back. =[
(Ahh... I remember those leaping days)
And most importantly, I am going to sleep more! This is going to be hard since I have an 8:30am class, which means I'll have to wake up at 5:30am to get ready to hit the highway & beat ATL morning traffic, but I'm going to try VERY hard.

So, who's with me for healthy faces?!

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