Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh, the wonders of....

I never thought that I would actually enjoy breastfeeding Mia. Its just amazing how I can provide food for my baby & how my body knows how much exactly she needs to be full. Also, how she can trigger more milk to be made. Humans are an amazing species. Along with other mammals too, but I just never thought we could be capable of such things.

But sadly, I have to stop breastfeeing soon because I'll be heading back to school & its difficult to breastfeed & go to school at the same time. =[

And engorged, full boobies are painful, unconfortable and just plain not fun at all. But if there were anyway I could continue, I would. I wanted to breastfeed her for about 6-7months, but now that is not looking very possible. My booby bear will still me regardless of where her food supply is coming from. I just think formula feeding isn't as bonding & loving as what nature wants us to do...

Anyway! I love my friends. I never thought that leaving high school would actually show you who your real friends are until I actually graduated. icon Pictures, Images and Photos

They're always there when I need them and we know how to make each other feel better when times get on the rough side. Although our personalities are slightly different, that's what makes our times together even better.

All of the memories we have together. Running through a fountain in the Mall of GA & realizing we had no change of clothes. Walking through the mall trying to find clothes. Getting lost in the ghetto. House parties. Park fun. Whatever we could get our little grimy hands on became a new memory for me.
But what I love the most is that even through my pregnancy, they stuck through it all the way. I would have expected for me to loose every friend I had because I am young & no one expected little ole nerdy, smart, mute Raven to have a baby straight out of high school. When I told my 2 besties I was having a baby, they were more excited than I had ever expected.
Photobucket (I told them at this restaurant)
And I really appreciate their support. And I know Mia will forever love her Auntie & Godmother. =]

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