Friday, April 17, 2009

Vacation... 5 years from now...

SO! Tyler and myself were planning of taking our little Mia-mia of=n a very memorable vacation some day when she get older. That's when I suggested to Papa Tyler, "What about Laos? You've never been there and it would be nice for you and Mia to go see your home country (and half of Mia's home country). We can also take your parents with us so they can see family & visit their old home." 
So there you go. In about 5 year (so Mia can remember the place atleast a lil) we're going to the Lao People's Democratic Repblic, also known as Laos.

How much does this LONG vacation cost?? Well, my friends, it ain't cheap.

For ONE person, a ticket is from $1,500-$2000. For Tyler, Mia & myself, I have calculated that the total cost of plane tickets will be about $6000. Then, I suggested that we bring atleast $1000-$2000 just for spending fun. 
The wonderful part is that we will have to stay there for atleast a month. Going for a week or 2 is FAR too expensive. A week is like $11,000 for a ticket. 
So I'm trying to save up atleast $7000-$8000 for this trip. (And Mia BETTER enjoy it too.)

So, if I can stash away about $125 per month (or 31.25 a week) for the next 5 years or so, then BAM! we'll have about $7500 for the trip! Woot-woot! Plus I'll probably stash away some extra cash money besides the $31.25. Plus Tyler is helping out too & his parents might throw in couple dollars.   =]

Yay! Now all I have to do is get a decent job, keep sellin my Avon & I'll be good to go! 
Plus if I keep selling Avon, then I won't have to get an actual out-of house job.  I can work from home, keep recruiting people & the money will make itself... *ahhh...* The dreams of making money.....
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Now all I have to do is learn the language...

yeah... not sure if I'll be able to actually READ the language, but speak, yeah... I'll try.

This baby has Mia's shaped face,  & kinda resembles her... =]

Nice! (Minus the random caucasian guy...)

Lots of statues & temples.

I'll be there one day...

The baby has Mia's shaped face. The gi

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