Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 Month Mama

It seems like yesterday my little Du-du was only 6 pounds, 7 ounces.
Now she's about 14 pounds, too many ounces.

She's growing too fast for me. Teething. Laughing. Holding a conversation with me about who knows what. For all I know, she could be talking to me about how she had diarrhea today & how she didn't like her rice cereal too cold.
But whatever she talks about, she adds so much emotion to it! (Just like mama!)

And I dont know how I'm going to teach her Laotian... I have to teach myself!! I dont want her talkin behind my back when she goes to Grandma & Grandpa's house. (You know little girls love to gossip)
Other than that, I can't wait until she can walk. I have so many things planned for my little pooker.
Strawberry pickin' in the summer. Walks in the park. Trips to the beach. Aquarium. Shopping (of course). Dance lessons. Gymnastics. Anything that our little hearts can dream of.
And someday, I hope to take her around the world. I want her to be able to see things she'll never have to deal with here and see why people try so hard to find freedom. Also, opening her mind to new cultures will help her understand the world and people in it as she gets older...
Expensive, but fun.
Until then, I'll continue to teach her how to roll over (she only goes half way & rolls back), crawl, talk, walk, and be a loving child with good morals. =]

My little papaya...

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