Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whatcha lookin' fo?

Have you ever had someone who looked for the bad in everything & just couldn't find it?

I have and it is not the greatest thing to experience. It's even worse when its a parent or a person you're in a relationship with.

I know someone who always looked for something wrong. If I was texting someone while walking through the door & didn't say "Hey" it was a disaster. "Who u texting? You're new boyfriend? You can't say 'Hi'?"
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If I'm not talking as much: "What's wrong? You're not happy with me? Is there someone else?"
If I didn't text back fast enough: "Oh. You must be texting your new boyfriend."

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I got so tired of it that I just wanted to yell out "Whatcha lookin' fo?! *hint: the title* Are you trying to convince me to cheat so you can prove your point?!"
I thought it would end when I was pregnant because who wants a pregnant girl? Honestly? What guy snatches up himself a preggy?? Exactly.
I looked like a whale. I literally looked like & felt like I had a basketball under my shirt that would move & kick your hand.
See! Look at this! Who would want a new girlfriend that looked like this?

But being the nice person I am, I never said anything.
I did the quiet, subtle thing, and left.

I can't deal with a person who would sit there and worry about me cheating that much that it crippled our relationship. Really. I'm better off alone. Even if it means I'd have to work twice as hard to live a stable life.
I never knew how important trust was in a relationship was until then...

But I'm done with that era of my life & moving on to bigger, badder & better things. =]
Just me, myself & I.
It's been almost a month on my own now after a year, 3 months & I cant remember how many days with the same guy & a baby later.
And you know what? I like it. And I'll keep liking it until I can find someone worthy of the great Raven's presence & time.

Really... We all deserve a good guy or girl more than once in our lives. Don't we?

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