Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A night on the town.

Well, June 6th, I went out with some of the girls! Hey hey hey!
Hair did, lookin fly. U dig?
It was me, Adiam, Telicia & Nicole. Heading out for a night on the town! Going where no little black girls have ever gone before! Well...atleast none of us.

It all started with a nice dinner at Atlantic Station. I
LOVE that area. So urban. Busy. Bustling. Ahhh.... my kinda place. Now only if I could afford an apartment there, I'd jizz in my pants.
Anyway. I am SO happy that we picked California Pizza Kitchen because:

#1: It was a nice little restaurant & nicely decorated.
#2: The prices weren't rediculous.
#3: The wait wasn't long.

oOOooOH! Lawd! I usually dont go for white guys, but my Jebus! he looked good! Our little Abercrombie model ;] And what made it funnier is that we were ALL crushin' on his fine lil ass.
mmm-mmm-mmm. LMAO. Then he started small talk with us about some black guy who looked lik Ice T. I was so intranced by his beauty, that I didn't register that he was talking to us. Then, embarrassingly, I had to be the fool & ask to take a pic with him. >.<> jizzed in my pants AGAIN with how tall he was. oh... dear... I like em tall.**drools a little** Anyway. Enough about our secret lover....

We left to head over to
Dreamz. Oh yeah! Get our party on boy!!!! Only to find out...
**It was 21 and older that night.**
WTH. For real. First we couldn't find the damn place, then find out its 21+ tonight of all nights?! God.
I just wish someone,
maybe the suggestor, could have told me that it was for the grown & sexy some nights so maybe i could have done more research...*cough-cough* but its all good... all good...

So we roll out to
Club Miami. After about 2 hours of waiting and $20 later, we get our little sexy selves in there. And good lord. Did we see some junk up in there. Two guys who had hair like Baron (aka Dirrty for G's to Gents), a girl with THE BIGGEST ASS i've seen, some african nerds from GA Tech (they were talking loud enough) and the typical hooker.

Not what I expected. only 35% of ppl were dancing. The go-go dancers in the middle were not that attractive. (I shoulda been up there!) And it was just crazy. so many people. Not to mention me & Adiam got probed in the back by some fugly mo-fo! Sick-o... Then I got stalked up my booty by this guy my friend tried to hook me up with waaaay back in the day. Tell me why he popped up around me EVERYWHERE in the club?!

Other than the little down falls we had along the way, I must say, it was quite an eventful night! Fun times. Laughs. Pics. And not to mention Matt... again...and I needed a good night out with my newly
*single* status, I deserved a night out on the town. =]

Sorry to those who couldnt join our fun. Maybe next time, you'll be cool enough to
roll with the cool kids. ;)

My outfit. Sexy, eh??

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