Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 24: The person that gave you your favorite memory

Dear All My Friends,

When do we ever not have great memories? I'm glad I have such entertaining friends because sometimes I look at other people and their friends or listen to some of their stories and think, "WOW! If they met the people I hang out with... They would have to leave and call a psychiatric unit to come get us."
And to say they think its fun to just walk to a movie theater, watch the movie, then go home. Or going to the park for a brisk walk and talk. Or go to the mall to window shop. Or taking cute pictures for Facebook. PUH-LEEZ!

We click our heels running to the theater while sining RENT & High School Musical songs. We go fishing at the park with Shrek & Barbie fishing poles. We save each other from being swept away by the ocean. We model clothing in the stores & never buy a thing. We would rather attempt taking 973873 jumping/bursting pictures until we get it right. We get attacked by some creature in the sea! We make fun of each other all the time.
You let me jump on trees and don't worry about the embarrassment I'll bring to the group. We run around in fountains at the mall. We act ghetto one minute, preppy another, and normal the next. Most of all, we never leave each other behind to get snatched up by some creeper. Can you believe some girls split up when they go to parties?! Uh huh. We are super glued together.

How do they live with such redundant lives?! I couldn't. That is why some higher being brought us together. Or maybe we were all friends in a past life in Mexico and met back up again. Who knows?!
All I know I that I am happy to have you guys in my life to keep my levels in insanity stable. If I kept ALL of that inside, I would explode.

With much loving love,

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