Monday, July 13, 2009

What a day! *Phew*

So. I went over to my friends house.
Fun times. Relaxing days. Entertaining minutes.

So when I get there. We decided to have some deep thoughts with herbal remedies. Very nice. I wasn't a huge fan, but maybe I'll try it again.... eventually...
Nice... Nice... sitting outside with the birds chirping away. Talking. Strange old lady riding her bike. Morning mist all in my hair making it all types of BIG. -___-

Other than that, we went inside where we viewed Kenan & Kel!
kenan.jpg Kenan & Kel image by tybrunsmanI was surprised it was on. I used to love that show. But after watching it now... I was like "Wow... They're really dumb. I can't believe I used to watch this like it was God." And I never realized that the dad on the show was SO scary looking... (Sorry. I couldn't find a scary pic of him... maybe next time)

Then we proceeded to workout. My GOD that was a workout. Push ups, Pull ups, crunches, leg lifts. Up-down-up-down. Back-forth-back-forth. In-out-in-out. Swoosh-swoosh-swoosh-swoosh. Bam-bam-bam-bam. 1-2-1-2. Wee-wee-wee-wee. Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh.
I am so sore and I believe my amigo can agree.
I don't think I need to lift a finger, let alone walk for a week. I burned far too many calories...

But it was a well deserved workout and I should do it more often. Probably some time soon.
That's why it's always good to workout with a friend. It makes things SO much more fun. =D

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