Friday, July 3, 2009

And yet another journal entry...

"Dear Mia,
Things have changed in your short 5 & a half months of life. Today you finally got to meet your Auntie Callie. Although she doesn't look like Mommy or your other Aunts, she is still your aunt. End of discussion. *Laughs* She is my closest sister and my best friend, and I'm glad she got to see you for the first time so soon because Mommy went nearly 3 years without seeing her, and yes. It hurt. It meant alot that she came to visit the family because even though she's "the adopted daughter" and moved so suddenly, we still always thought and cared for her. Always.
But enough of that. Some things may be changing soon with our lives. I'm not sure how I'll react or, especially, how you'll react because you seem to have quite an attitude for such a small child...But I hope these changes are for the better and will make both of us happier. You know all I care about is your happiness. And even though Mommy has been going through some rough patches right now, you always manage to help me forget about them for a while when I see your glowing face laughing at me. But you aren't making me happy right now. You threw up in your hair while you were sleeping. Now you stink, and I wasn't about to wake you up to give you a bath. But it's ok. It's a good stink & you'll be mhy clean little stinky in the morning..."

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