Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's not her fault she's so irresistible...

And the topic of the day! :
Cheaters, Players, Pimps and Hoes.

Cheatinghurts.jpg cheating hurts image by homestar04
Sure, the hoes are kind of random, but hey! It went along with the topic.

You may be thinking, "Why Raven? Why such a controversial, hurtful, sexful topic?!"
Well, that's exactly why. It's a controversial, hurtful, sexful topic.

As I sit here & munch on my brownie & tortilla chips & drink my fruit punch, I wonder "Why am I having preggy craving now?" and "What would I do if I enountered a cheater, player, pimp or hoe? What would I do it I was the cheater, player, or pimp?" (Excluded the hoe on there. I'd never be that) So here are my opinions:

+If someone cheated on me (and someone has) I'd do this...
Of course he didnt have a car back then, but it's a very nice idea...
I could never tolerate a cheater and I'll put my foot down! (On his penis) It just shows yu cant trust him and what's the point of being with someone you cant trust?
+If I was the cheater... well, that wouldn't happen. I'd break up with someone before I'd go find someone else. Why cause the drama? No. Why be greedy?!

+If someone played me... Please see above. My goodness. He better have some good health insurance too. That's all I gotta say. (lol) No. I'd just drop him like it was hot and move on the the next best thing. It's his loss. So who cares? Sure, I'd be pissed as a muther, but it's just another guy who showed me his true face. Now if the "game" continued for a long time and he didn't tell me, then that's when imma have to turn into my ghetto alter ego & go at him. End of story.
+If I was the player, I'd be pretty darn good at my game, yo! ;]
But I'm not that way, so this wouldnt happen... But if I was the flirty-bitch type, then I'd be da bomb. Hang with a different guy everyday!

hAHA.jpg pimps image by mnky_luvrNow the pimpin's part... If I was a pimp, I'd get that tattooed on my side. I'd never encounter a pimp because I'm not a hoe. So that's done. But back to my pimp status, I'd be the #1 male pimp out there. Slappin', havin em turn some tricks, and be hella rich. *ahhhh* Beautiful.

But in all, this is more about leaving people who are not bringing you up.
If you know your girl or guy is a cheater, you can find WAY better. You dont have to settle just for them.
If you're talking to a player, why stay? (Unless you like that kind of junk) You can find someone who will actually commit to you and only you.
If you're a cheater, just admit it. It saves so much time wasted, much less stress trying to hide something and so much better because you're honest. And everyone loves an honest person!
If you're a player... Well... stop. We already have too many STDs being spread around our young age group and everyone know you ain't gettin' tested like you should be. Every 6 months? Every 6 months my ass...
No one wants this...

But everyone wants this...
single,disease free
And not hear this...
STD,Hope you get an STD


  1. OMG Genius! how did I miss this one??? hahaha.. gosh.

  2. "I could never tolerate a cheater and I'll put my foot down! (On his penis)" Yeesh! you go girl!