Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boobies Galore!

We all have them. Some more or less than others... But still. We all got em. But gosh... Are mine small. I feel like I'm not porptional... When I got pregnant, I went from a precious 32A to a nice looking 32B. Then when I started breastfeeding, I had a very nice 32B/32C. Yes you guys, a C. That was only when my boobs were VERY full (which hurts like a dull ache). Shocking? Slightly. Attention grabbing? I'd think so.
boobs.jpg boobs image by cadillac805
They were SO nice. Perky, pretty and for the first time in my life, I had cleavage without squeezing my arms together! (Like how I used to do) It was beautiful. Some days, they looked like implants. Literally. I have a picture where it looks like I just got implants in because they have that implant-round-fake look. You know what I'm saying?? Let me find a pic...
Like this!! Exactly like this! lol. Posh Spice... You see the fake round-looking-ness?! I'd show you the pic, but I don't want my boobs all out there on the internet... Just ask & I'll decide to show you personally. =]
Now that I have stopped breastfeeding (Mia weened herself...), I'm back to square 1. All those size B bras engulf my little pectorials. =[ They seem sad. I need to do some push-ups to bring them back up again. It's kind of sad how before I took such good care of my body and now I look like this. I used to look like this **see below** Not exactly like this, but you get the idea. No alcohol or white looking, but small, non-existant boobs, flat abs, but I had thighs... Still do...
It's kind of sad that I do get slightly jealous that:
1) My bikini top looks like flat triangles on my chest & other girls actually have peaches, grapefruits and cantalopes under the tops.
2) I don't have cleavage. Just sternum....just sternum... I'd have to duct tape them just to even get a hint of cleavage
3) I could never use my boobs to get my way. =[
4) All my size B bras taunt me T_____T

Anyway! Boobies are nice. They are decoration, a food supply and just yell "I'm a girl!" No matter what your size is or if you didn't get to say "good bye" to yours like how I did (*tear*), you are beautiful regardless. =}
So shake what you have! (Or don't have)

What would we do without them?! Would guys still find us attractive it we had no boobs like them? Do you think you'd look better with bigger/smaller boobs?


  1. Anything more a mouthful is a waste. Be proud of your awesome tiny boobs some guys like them little.

  2. I'd like to see the picture that you described as "fake round-looking-ness." That made me laugh when I read it :)