Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is for my Number 1

So, I wanted to write a little blog for my amigos who stay up to date with the infamous blog or Raven!
And for those of you who are just now starting to read my blogs... well, you're just not cool enough to be apart of the Raven Fan Club... yet...
Ahhh... First of all, I'd like to say thank you for reading my blogs and letting me know how you feel about them. I try to keep them light hearted, funny, emotional, and up lifting as possible. You know. A little something for everyone. For the emos, the goths, the preps, the pessimists, the gangstas, the thugs, the optimists, the mothers, the students, the teens, the heart broken, the loved, and most of all, for YOU!!

I started writing my blog because:
1) I was bored as balls.
2) I actually like writing how I feel.

I don't like writing reports though. I just like being able to express myself without speaking. I'm not a great speaker. Writing gives me a chance to vent and let all my emotions out that I can not say out loud, can't find the words for and I won't hurt people's feelings directly. So I do it indirectly. =D (And about 75% won't know I'm talking about them) >=]

Sure, I'd keep writing regardless if I had followers and such, but just knowing that people like my blogs so much makes me feel like I'm doing pretty good. Move over Perez! Raven gon' take yo spot home dawg!

But I would like to shed some spotlight on my #1 fan:
Thanh Nguyen

Isn't she smokin'?! Hot Mama! (Minus the mama part) Anyway. I have known Thanh for about... 5 years now?! Gosh. Ever since freshman year of high school we have been really good friends. Such good friends that she is the God mother of my Mia. So if anything happens to me, my mother or Tyler, Thanh, you better make sure little stinker doesn't grow up to be a hooker!
But Thanh told me that she has bookmarked my page and reads every blog that I put up. What a loyal fan. *tear* Makes me proud that I'm such a good blogger. The sad thing is that my Thanh has moved to South Carolina and we only get to see her every once in a while. Maybe we will come visit you some time soon and I will hug your head like this man is hugging the cabbage.
cabbage.jpg cabbage image by Kushou_Yoru we miss you dearly. And I miss my cabbage. =[

Anyway. I know there are other fans out there sayin' "I read ur blogs too!!" But hey! You never let me know. So let me know how you feel about my blogs & you will soon be in my fan blog #2! whoop-whoop!!

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