Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friends? With You?

Have you ever wanted to stay friends with an ex? Have you ever wanted to stay friends with an ex, but couldn't? Has being friends with an ex caused problems with a new relationship?
Well, I've dealt with all of this.
Out of the... 4 boyfriends I have had, I am only friends with one. We still talk occasionally, check up on each other's lives and see if everything is ok. I admire our friendship because we make each other laugh, talk about our relationship problems & good things in relationships, the past, the present & some future. It's nice...
And, no. This is not my "baby daddy". I am actually not "friends" with him anymoe. I feel as if we didn't have Mia, we would not even think about looking at each other again, let alone keep each other's Myspace, Facebook & phone numbers. There is this awkward tension between us whenever I drop off Mia or he picks her up. We barely even look at each other. I know the break up was not the greatest thing in the world & we have different views, values, beliefs & goals, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. For Mia's sake atleast.... But I don't know how to fix it and things can't be fixed with just one person cooperating. (Plus I don't know how to talk... to him atleast) Maybe one day we'll be able to work out our differences and be friends for the Mi-ster...
49kteds.jpg breakup quote image by BrKNHeartalwayz
Yeah... This picture is for another blog. I'm just putting it here for safe keeping...
breakup.jpg Break-up. image by LPlunatic
And then, there's the horrible break up. ( That's not supposed to be me in the pic. I never hold on to what is not there) OMG. I haven't even looked at this boy in 5 years. In school, if we walked past each other, our eyes were fixed straight ahead, noses turned up & strolled past making sure not to accidently bump into each other as we pass. He wasn't the greatest thing ever & he was definitely not my cup of tea. I saw him this summer at a bowling alley. It was like high school all over again. Walk past each other with just a glimpse of them in the corner of ur eye just don't make eye contact. (It shows your soul) Would I like to fix this issue with him? Sure! Why you ask? Because I don't want people thinking I hate them when I die when deep down, it's just some misunderstanding... But I doubt this would ever happen...He seems too big headed...
breakup.jpg Breakup image by rmirvesSorry. I just thought this one was funny. ^___^ If people really did this, the there would be alot of single people out there... and STDs...

Then there's the jealous new boyfriend or girlfriend who is jealous that you still talk to your ex because of insecurities that you will leave him or her for him or her again. The way I see it, if we haven't gotten back together after this freakin' long, we aren't going to...
Or maybe ur boyfriend or girlfriend are TOO close to his or her ex. Like, they're best freakin friends. That can cause some issues... Of course. But I guess that's his or her choice in the end. Who matter more? The past that didn't work out? Or the future which has its possibilities?
Then again, some people are afraid of the future, so they hold on to what they had because its familiar. (But that's another topic)

So how do you feel about break ups? Do you stay friends with your exs? Do you want to fix the friendship between an ex?


  1. Break ups are always hard but sometimes its better to break up then stay together not happy. I know what you mean. I dont stay friends with my exs either. I dont really think we can ever be friends again but that doesnt really bother me because he is the one that is missing out not me. ;)great blog like always! LOVE IT!

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